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The world’s best city to live in Vienna

The world’s best city to live in the Austrian capital Vienna. Depending on the quality of living in cities around the world in an international survey said. However, the top 1 hundred could take place in any city in India. Two hundred of the 30 cities kuyaliti Mercer Study of Life Survey carried out their 18th. According to the survey, nearly 18 million people live in Vienna. It is the best city in the world. Then there Zurich, Auckland, Munich and bhenakubhara.


The top 30 most popular cities in the world using no cuts in London, Paris or New York. They failed to place in the top 30 to go. On the other hand the name of the city of Baghdad is the worst cities in the world. The survey also includes Hyderabad, India, which is 139, 144 in Pune, Bangalore 145, Chennai 150, Mumbai 15, Delhi, Kolkata and there are 160 to 161. Economic status, health, education, place of residence and the environment based on the agency’s survey has been conducted.A resident of Helena, said in Vienna, he lives in an apartment in the city center, 1 billion square meters. This month, the 8 th Euro (625 lbs) is paying. And this is why the city has topped the world to live in, there is nothing surprising. According to him, more than any other city bhiyenake to the top of the highest standard of housing investment in the Social Democratic government has a long history.That is why the government’s steps to enhance the lives of a lot more than any other city in the world , he said.


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