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The unique shape of Mount Fuji to see the Visit Japan

Mount Fuji , Japan’s most famous mountain . Wonderful beauty and numerous tourists each year, attracted by the unique structure of Fuji . If you want to climb the mountain one day, take the time to organize your trip . Fuji 5th until you can go to the bus stop . Fuji and at the same time be able to enjoy the unique beauty of the surroundings charming Landscape .




Let us assume that , what are waiting for you to travel to Fuji…

Lake kaoyaguciko

Fuji 5 in a lake . 36 view of the famous mountain lake contributed to a lot of upset . Fuji if the weather is good the summit of icy crystal clear lake water reflection flourishes . Excellent lake bank can resort the night , you will see the wonderful phujike windows .


Fuji hakona area adjacent to the resort . Here you can enjoy the pleasures of the natural volcanic hot prasabane swim . Anasena called . This will give you the mental and physical tranquility . Another reason riokana hakonera reputation . Japan is still the same as the original houses have riokana the Edo era .


From Tokyo, Kamakura is a coastal town located at a distance of only 1 hour . It is especially famous giant Buddha statues , temples , shrines , historical patterns and bicatira excellent for surfing . As you will see a different one from the mount phujike Kamakura Beach

Fuji Festival sibajakura

Fuji breathtaking floral forms will go to see this festival season. It is the end of April until the end of May. You can position the Fuji Fuji kaoyaguciko matosuko resort. In the meantime, more than 80 sibajakura flowers bloom across 6 acres of land. It is a kind of mountain flowers. The flowers develop on a hill sloping down to the light-colored sheet. Excellent red, pink and white flowers at the fair was lost utsabai sibajakura Fuji Festival.


This is an island of sagami Bay . During the summer the weather is very nice beach . Tourists were so crowded at that time . Just half an hour away from Tokyo ‘s position . To Kamakura . The island itself is a unique repository of beauty . Another bonus to him Fuji Angle looks different .

Jesse No Sato

This is an open air museum where the traditional Japanese villages have been highlighted . You remember when the old Japan . Phujike ‘ll see how he was primitive Edo era .


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