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Travelers the convenience of the new features in Google

The search engines ‘ destination on Google has introduced a new feature called Web giant Google . As a result, travel , and any other search engine users do not have to use the company expects . Google search engine now any continent , country or state name written next to ” Destination” or ” vacation ” to write .


The Google plane fare and hotel price list of the show together. In addition to changes in the value of travel time variability can be understood. Even users of their travel budget, according to the choice and the number of travelers to the information, Google will display it. If you want to search for information and they usually someone somewhere trip flight, hotel, etc. For more information about the Think Expedia, Kayak or using sites such as Trip Advisor said on CNN.But now Google wants users do not go on any longer like this can learn from Google . On their own plane fare and hotel stay last year are gradually trying to gather all the information on Google .

Google launched a feature called 2011 flights . He began as they will be able to collect this information from . Since the hotel’s 015 place in search advertising business is more space , so the list of hotels and rooms can be given more information about conservation , and those interested can book a room directly .Initially, most people now use mobile to search for something online , so Google wants to bring these benefits to the mobile users .


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