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7 foods that will prevent blood vessels blocking


Due to unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy diet is a matter of normal blood vessels being blocked. And just because some of the heart can be seen to suffer various problems. Even many patients suffer a heart attack as he was dying. But this problem is very easy to block blood …

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1 day , 10 Health Benefits of eating chili ! Check !


Chili usually raw , cooked or eaten with a variety of bhajite . It contains vitamins A, C , B6 , iron , potassium and very small amounts of protein and carbohydrates . Sabajigulote sour taste alpha carotene and beta carotene , beta kriptoksanathina and luteina jiyaksanathina etc. components . …

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Rely on drugs to sleep ! Just one night rentals


Lying in bed tossing and turning at night-is the dawn! Page one of the eyes can not? High set-up of fatigue, sleep all day moves. Dhule office work, sitting at the table read? Again, repeated the same night back home, sleep phurut! You may be a victim of insomnia. In …

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