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The world’s best city to live in Vienna


The world’s best city to live in the Austrian capital Vienna. Depending on the quality of living in cities around the world in an international survey said. However, the top 1 hundred could take place in any city in India. Two hundred of the 30 cities kuyaliti Mercer Study of …

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The unique shape of Mount Fuji to see the Visit Japan


Mount Fuji , Japan’s most famous mountain . Wonderful beauty and numerous tourists each year, attracted by the unique structure of Fuji . If you want to climb the mountain one day, take the time to organize your trip . Fuji 5th until you can go to the bus stop …

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The president’s daughter has a job in the restaurant !


Sadia Afroz , jagodhaka: The president’s daughter. So he will not be self-reliant? The president did not spend his life as a father A son of the leader of the way in establishing the identity of an individual? What is the way our country? Probably not. However, the daughter of …

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The most expensive city in Singapore


Economically ” unsustainable horror ‘ 2015 ‘ world’s most expensive city to Singapore . In 2014 tokioke away as Singapore topped the most expensive cities . The Economist Intelligence Unit (iaiiu) of the Singapore Index “expensive city” of Zurich, Hong Kong, Geneva and Paris, has lost one of the BBC …

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The world’s tallest car ! ( Bhidiosaha )


It is the world’s tallest cars . 100 of feet, the car now has a Guinness Book of World Records . The car will be used in Hollywood movies Burabyanka of arabarga made it win . Guinness World Records has the car . Stunningly beautiful car . Once you see …

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