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7 foods that will prevent blood vessels blocking

Due to unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy diet is a matter of normal blood vessels being blocked. And just because some of the heart can be seen to suffer various problems. Even many patients suffer a heart attack as he was dying.


But this problem is very easy to block blood vessels can be free forever. You do not have to spend a lot of money for absolutely. Some meals will be available to ensure the health of your blood vessels.

(1) apelah apple pekatina called the bad cholesterol in the body of the material, which reduces plaque formation and accumulation process slows raktanalite. The study found only 1 apple every day to be strong and block the blood vessels reduces the risk of approximately 40%.

(2)Brukalih brakalite plenty of vitamin K, which improve the body’s use kyalasiyamake bone and vascular kyalasiyamake protect from damaging it. Broccoli fiber components of the body, reduces cholesterol and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

(3) darucinih cinnamon kardiobhyaskulara antioxidant to improve the overall system works. 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder daily for just the study of cholesterol in the body and reduces the accumulation of raktanalite pluck it from becoming blocked.

(4)Oily fish, especially oily fish machah oily marine omega-3 fatty acid triglyceride levels in the body remain healthy and able-bodied to keep the heart plays a special role.

(5) tisibijah linolenika tisibije plenty of alpha acid, which reduces high blood pressure and helps to remove blood vessels pradahake and ensure the soundness of the blood vessels.

(6)Tih Green Green tea is green tea reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body, which is plenty of kyacetina and especially helps keep the heart healthy. If you drink green tea instead of coffee and tea each day to make sure your body is healing.

( 7) for every two cups of orange rasah study of pure orange juice to drink only the blood pressure is normal . And orange juice to improve the overall antioxidant in the blood vessels leading to vascular damage from being saved .


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