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1 day , 10 Health Benefits of eating chili ! Check !

Chili usually raw , cooked or eaten with a variety of bhajite . It contains vitamins A, C , B6 , iron , potassium and very small amounts of protein and carbohydrates .
Sabajigulote sour taste alpha carotene and beta carotene , beta kriptoksanathina and luteina jiyaksanathina etc. components . As a result of these elements brings saliva is fun to eat .


They are also very beneficial for skin and health . Take a look at the health benefits of chili .

Health Benefits of chili :

1 / hot chili playing through sweating when the body is cold .

II / chili playing a day can reduce the risk of blood clotting .

3 / chili playing regularly can reduce heart problems .

4 / chili metabalisama helps increase calorie burn.

5 / beta-carotene is an antioxidant that has plenty of green chili kardobhaskyulara system is operational.

6 / chili playing regularly increases resistance to disease. Chili reduces blood cholesterol.

7 / green chili There are plenty of vitamin C, which protects gums and hair.

8 / nerves playing regularly in a variety of chili to reduce the problem.

9 / day at least one meal of chili and do not fall down on the skin wrinkles easily .

10 / green chili vitamin C . So any kind of cut or torn blow – drying is very beneficial for the chili . Chili body antioxidant and vitamin C fever , runny nose , cough , etc. protects .


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